Iโ€™m Dr. Vedati Packiam and once again I come to you on behalf of Dr. Naval Kumar Verma and his incredible team at Rejoice Health foundation… who are all working so hard to put together everything for the upcoming Conference to be held on 8th of September at Amity University in Noida
So this conference is all about new innovations in homeopathy and I am so honoured and proud to be able to present to you a little about our distinguished speakers and their topics.

We will start with someone who has for many years now spoken in seminars and practical training groups all over Europe… in UK, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Israel and lately turkey. He is the founder of Dr. Sehgalโ€™s school of revolutionised Homeopathy. Yes… Iโ€™m talking about Dr. Sanjay Sehgal himself… he will be speaking to us on understanding the mind – A holistic approach to cure a patient.
The next 2 speakers will be jointly conducting a session on homeopathic treatment and management of rare diseases. They will explain to us the concepts of Body, mind, soul and energy. They will speak to us about Astro homeopathy another new, innovative topic!
Iโ€™m talking about Dr. Anshu and Dr. Menka. Dr. Anshu, A famous homeopath, known for treating rare diseases like spine, blood and breast cancer, Leucoderma, Cerebral Atrophy, Grave disease and many others. His research area includes treatment of genetic diseases, diseases with unknown etiology and drug induced diseases. Dr. Menka, a famous homeopath herself, after completing her BHMS from Kanpur works closely with Dr. Anshu and together they treat and manage patients with these difficult conditions.
Now letโ€™s turn to another innovative and exciting topic that will be taken up at the conference and that is the methodology for research in complimentary systems of medicine. Now who better to talk about this than Dr. S. K Rajput. He is the director at Amity Institute of Indian Systems of Medicine and a well known researcher in the field of pharmacology and toxicology. His research interests are in pre-clinical R&D for epilepsy, Parkinsonโ€™s, Stroke, Alzheimerโ€™s, HT, Diabetes, cancer etc. Besides 6 patents, he has more than 35 research publications in reputed journals.
Also, Stress management is getting a lot of attention nowadays… So we have the HOD of Holistic Medicine and Psychology at Artemis Hospital, Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh to do a stress buster session with us.
So before I leave you all – a little about Dr. Naval – the president of Rejoice health foundation and the homeopathic advisor to the Ayush minister of india. Dr. Naval has received an appreciation letter from the former US President, Barack Obama. He recently introduced homeopathy to IIT Delhi. He also introduced homeopathy to the national disaster management authority of India and came up with a new innovative idea to use homeopathic treatment for chemical, biological radiation and nuclear trauma.
So thatโ€™s it.. Please donโ€™t forget to contact us and register at the earliest if you havenโ€™t already. It will truly be an amazing opportunity and an experience for all of us. So exciting.. See you all there



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