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What’s up conscious Kings & Queens? Today, I’m Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach interviewing The Certified Health Nut!!

Yogis, fitness fanatics, healers, artists, cosmic beings, ladies, gentlemen, my gender fluid friends, & all others alike; you definitely wanna listen up to this super short video of @certifiedhealthnut spittin’ over 25 years of straight up Holistic Health WISDOM! Here, he discusses the 8 major stressors of the human condition & how to manage them.

I met Troy over a year ago @cafegratitude Venice. The guy sat down & started talking about Kimchee & having been mentored by New Zealand Maori healers! He intrigued me then, & after rediscovering him on IG about 2 weeks ago, I set the intention to manifest a meeting with him! BOOM!! It happened today in Santa Monica! Law of attraction in action baby!! 🌀

His vision for this planet resonates with my soul more than any other that I’ve heard to date!! I’ve read a lot of books, & I’ve studied a lot of people. If you desire to be inspired & to think bigger than yourself, just check out his IGTV video entitled “My Vision for a Healthy World.” It’s last one as you scroll to the left! You can also YouTube search “Troy Casey Standing Rock” to see the full screen version. His whole YouTube Channel & IG content is greater than Gold!! I recommend going through all. From fasting ,to black mold exposure, to natural child birth, & much more, this being is a fountain of holistic knowledge!

Lastly, I just want to say to those of you out there pursuing a dreams; it’s so easy to get caught up in living a life for ourselves & about ourselves, especially in the entertainment industry. Trust me I’ve been there, & I’m making a conscious effort to stay away from that way of operating! Think bigger! Is what you’re doing in your NOW benefitting you, others & all that is? If not, let’s make some changes together. As above so below. When we change for the positive, the entire universe changes for the positive RIGHT NOW baby!! Infinite peace & love 💗✨🙏✨☮️

You are worthy. Create yourself to be what makes YOU happy! I believe in you 🙂

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